Sat on the Rocks
Fun Cycle
Kids Running
Sad Girl in the Window
Supermarket Trip
Young Couple
Tattooed Arms
Couple Showing Affection
Outdoors in Autumn
Couple in a Kitchen
Hand Drums
Urban Vibes
Mature Couple Showing Affection
Man in the Mist
Father Carrying Child Outdoors
Cool Girl
Pizza Chef
Curious Adolescent
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Old Asian Man
Deep Stare
Thinking Man on Couch
Creative Agency
Happy Family
Woman on Window Sill
Family Dispute
Urban Skater

You are the catalyst for change.

(Re)Contract your Self

IFS Supervision and Consultation

For recent IFS level 1 graduates and those experienced with IFS, I offer opportunities for you as an individual or with a group to continue developing your level of Self leadership as a therapist. Together we create a space for you to explore whatever may be blocking your ability to be fully present as a therapist and/or feel competent and successful implementing IFS and being the therapist you want to be for yourself and your clients.


Through discussion, role play, teaching pieces, modeling, practice, supported inner exploring and reviewing recordings,  you will become skilled in developing a Self-led seat as a therapist. From a Self-led space, you can ask for information about what you still need to learn and/or discover the answers you knew, but didn't have access to. As needed, we will delve into developing IFS skills and concepts to support you in working with a wide variety of client populations (individuals, couples, families, addictive cycles, self-harming parts, strong self-like parts, trauma, and more).


The majority of IFS work hinges on a foundation of reciprocal relating  between your Self to your parts and your parts to your Self and the ability to support others in that process. Developing a felt sense of parts detecting, unblending, and developing reciprocal Self<->part relationships are critical skills as an IFS therapist. Greater mastery of two-way relating between your Self and your parts creates possibilities for unblending before, during, and after sessions and allows your parts to be relieved of the burden of doing therapy alone. When Self-led, you lead the way in relation with and informed by your parts. 


This supervision/consultation counts toward the hours necessary for IFS certification for those wishing to pursue that goal.