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Fun Cycle
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Sad Girl in the Window
Supermarket Trip
Young Couple
Tattooed Arms
Couple Showing Affection
Outdoors in Autumn
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Hand Drums
Urban Vibes
Mature Couple Showing Affection
Man in the Mist
Father Carrying Child Outdoors
Cool Girl
Pizza Chef
Curious Adolescent
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Old Asian Man
Deep Stare
Thinking Man on Couch
Creative Agency
Happy Family
Woman on Window Sill
Family Dispute
Urban Skater

You are the catalyst for change.

Unblending your Self

IFS Consultation of Consultation

For those of you doing or interested in doing IFS consultation, I offer individual and group consultation of consultation for those wishing to form their group. Consultation of consultation is an opportunity for you to feel both supported and connected, while having a place where you don't have to know all of the things and none of your parts have to be or pretend to be the expert, even if they are.


I offer you and your parts a model for doing consultation and supervision informed by IFS. But more than that, consultation of consultation is a space for those wishing to bridge the gap between being an experienced IFS therapist and a confident and competent IFS consultant.

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