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You are the catalyst for change.

Re-discover your Self

Individuals, Couples, and Leaders

I work with individuals, couples, leaders, leadership teams, men, women, and those in the middle of life transitions and gender transitions. I enjoy working with folks in all stages of life from wondering what it means to be an adult to those in mid-life and the pre/partially/fully retired. All of your identities are welcome here.


Together we can create a space to work with:
Peak Performance, Meaning, Relationship and Connection, Cultural and other differences, Cultivating Culture, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD/Trauma symptoms, Addictions/Addictive behaviors, Fear, Grief, Life Transitions, Anger, Male stuff, Sexual Identity, Identity, Gender Identity, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual and Religious connection/disconnection, Stress, and/or just feeling stuck.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy

We live a life that takes place in bodies, from head to toes to the brain and nervous system. Your body continually offers a path to inform the present moment.  I will support your well-being and development in your personal and/professionals realms by utilizing the tools of IFS, neurofeedback, and other present moment oriented experiential methods. We will discuss what tools and strategies fit your particular needs in this moment and in the larger context of your goals and dreams.


Whether you are suffering from flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-harming behaviors, suicidal thoughts, or just feel out of place and out of time, possibilities for more of what you would call living can become real. Regardless of what caused your PTSD symptoms, you can be supported in slowing down to address root causes without having to relive the overwhelm. Developing new relationships with your present moment experiences offers a path for updating memories, while connecting them back to the past where they belong.