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Dan Reed, PhD

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist

Trainer for the IFS Institute

I hold a PhD in counselor education & supervision specializing in IFS-informed supervision, body-centered psychotherapy, and neurofeedback. My research and writing have focused on supervision of therapists and how IFS can inform the supervision experience.

I work with leaders, teach/train psychotherapists, offer consultation for therapists, and facilitate therapy. In all of these relationships, I support people in noticing and experiencing differences during our time together so that they can have new ways to test things out for themselves. 

I believe in what works. A lifetime of exploring the body, movement, and perception combined with training in engineering and construction leads me to look at people holistically and systematically. I believe in the power of being with the present moment and how it shows up in our bodies. Although I am idealistic, I encourage you to continually notice evidence in the here and now as well as in your day to day life. What happens or fails to happen in your worlds tells us how we're doing.

I am a body-centered psychotherapist: certified in internal family systems (IFS) therapy and board certified in neurofeedback. Since 2015, I have traveled the US working in IFS trainings. I am currently an assistant trainer for the IFS Institute and an approved IFS clinical consultant. I specialize in consultation with IFS therapists, consultation of consultation to support IFS consultants, and supporting executives and leaders of all kinds in co-creating a space where they don't have to pretend to have all the answers and know all of the things.

License Number: 76173

Expires: 4/30/2024


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