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You are the catalyst for change.

Re-discover your Self

IFS is the primary model I utilize to conceptualize the change process. IFS is an experiential model of therapy that incorporates all parts of your experience: thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, movements, and impulses to move. 


In this process, I support you in slowing things down. Slowing down in the moment creates space for you to notice your experience as it is happening. Noticing in this way creates a chance for you to develop new relationships with what you notice, getting to know it from its perspective. This new way of relating allows you to calm the inner wars between the various parts of you with less effort and supports them transforming into helpful resources. It's like a fully interactive, supported mindfulness practice. Maybe this sounds a little out there, but the first time you experience this difference, it will make sense and the practicality will be tangible.

Our goal is to empower you to have more influence in your own life as it is and in creating more of what you wish for. Because we slow things down, we create a safe place to explore anything and everything. All parts of your life could benefit from a little more of you and little less effort and hard work. Your presence and a little bit of wonder is all that is required.

Internal Family Systems creates a path for supporting and transforming:

  • peak performance,

  • anxiety,

  • depression,

  • suicidality,

  • self-harm,

  • addictions,

  • eating patterns, 

  • rigidness,

  • relationships/couples,

  • transitions

  • stress,

  • work/life balance,

  • trauma,

  • ptsd,

  • sexuality,

  • spiritual/religious life,

  • and the facts of life, love, and loss.

Parts Work Internal Family Systems (IFS)
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