Referrals in San Antonio

Find an IFS Therapist

Another Certified IFS Therapist in San Antonio

Gerry Grace, PhD, LMFT

Another IFS Therapist in San Antonio

Theresa Spencer, LPC

Neurofeedback Expertise

Allen Novian, PhD, LMFT, LPC-S


Embodied Movement & Body-Centered Psychotherapy

Ray Wooten, PhD, LPC-S, RSMT


LGBTQ+ Specialized Support

Adrian Warren, PhD, LPC-S


Pre- & Peri-natal Counseling

Tiffany Frias, LPC


Counseling for Couples with Sex Addiction

Chris Gulde, MD, MA, LPC & Karen Gulde, JD, MA, LPC


Women's Trauma Recovery

Amy Kipp, LMFT-S, EMDR trained




Bilingual Teen and Adult Counseling

Virginia Gonzalez, LPC


Massage Therapy for Wellness

Jenny Rice, LMT

Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture

Sandra Medina Bocangel, MD, L.Ac, MAcOM

Integrative Family Medicine

Simone Norris, MD

Adventure Therapy for Relationships

Federico Borroel, MS, LPC-S

Relational Life Therapy

Desirae Ysasi, LPC-S


Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Jason Northrup, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC-S


Family Counseling,

Discernment Counseling, and Collaborative Divorce Support

Becky Davenport, PhD, LMFT-S


Starlite Autism Center

Ronald Palmer, LPC

Dating Support for Heterosexual Men

David Tian, PhD

Reduced Rate Counseling

Family Life Center @ Saint Mary's University


Reduced Rate Grief Support for Children and Families

Children's Bereavement Center of South Texas


Reduced Rate Counseling and Psychiatry

Jewish Family Service San Antonio


Free Domestic Violence Support/Safe House

Family Violence Prevention Services


Free Counseling for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Rape Crisis Center


Youth Inpatient/Outpatient Support

Clarity Child Guidance Center


Find a 12 Step Program or Addiction Rehab Center


Find a Rehab Program for Substance Addiction


Find Information Related to Porn Addiction


Inpatient Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating Treatment Center



24 Hour Telephone Suicide Support

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline