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Cancellation policy:

If you need to reschedule or cancel our meeting time, please inform me no later than 2 business days from our scheduled time to respect both of our time and our relationship. For example, if we meet on Tuesday at 8 AM, please notify me by 8 AM Friday. If you cannot attend our scheduled appointment for whatever reason with less than 2 business days' notice, you will be charged for the session, and a session via phone or video conference at our originally scheduled time will be available for you.



  • I only accept private pay.

  • Upon request, I can provide a superbill for you to use with your insurance provider. 


Benefits of private pay:

  • The client determines the length and type of counseling that best suits their needs.

  • Confidentiality remains between you and your chosen mental health care provider.


Concerns for using insurance:    

  • Insurance providers have the authority to:

-determine the number of sessions they will cover.  

-determine the limits of which situations warrant coverage.

-determine what forms of treatment are covered by their policy.

-require a diagnosis that stays on your permanent health record to receive coverage.

  • Insurance providers are a for profit business, not the mental health professional you sought & hired to support your personal well-being.

  • Counselors relying solely on insurance receive significantly reduced rates and must carry caseloads at least 50% larger to earn the same livable income. 

  • Increased caseloads perpetuate counselor burnout and may reduce the quality of care for you and other clients.

Investing in counseling or consulting.

What does this investment cost?

Individuals & Couples/Relationships

50 min session: $175

80 min session: $265


2 people (55 min): $95 each

3 people (85 min): $95 each

4 people (85 min): $75 each

Safe & Sound Treatment

Initial/Follow up sessions: $175

At home access: $100 per month

Neurofeedback at Home

Myndlift Equipment: Myndlift price

Subscription: $175 per month

Payment methods:

Check, Credit Card, and HSA.

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