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Mature Couple Showing Affection
Happy Family
Distanced Couple
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Couple Showing Affection
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Lesbian Couple with Baby
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Couple in Love
Family Dispute
Couple Showing Affection
Happy Family
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Happy family
Outdoors in Autumn
Thinking Man on Couch

You are the catalyst for change.

Re-discover your Self-in-Relationship

Intimacy from the Inside Out offers a path to being in relationship with yourself and each other in a very different way. Our work together will support each of you in becoming more curious about yourself and your own reactivity. Wondering in this way will offer each of you more choices and greater ease when your partner inevitably does what they do. This process of differentiating will allow each of you greater possibility to be seen, heard, and understood by yourself and your partner, while creating pathways out of the well worn patterns you've co-created in your time together.


By co-creating a space where each of you can be experienced from your perspective, you can move toward getting to know your normal human needs for safety, sex, connection, support, security, fun, and more. When you can be clearer about your needs and their legitimacy, requesting what you need and/or want becomes more possible. Through asking for support rather than complaining or blaming, your partner can become your friend in getting those needs met.

Creating enough safety for more intimacy comes from us working together in session to heal wounds from your relationship pattern(s), acknowledging (and where possible addressing) the ways the world and others have and are impacting your relationship, and sharing some of the vulnerabilities that you brought into your relationship so that each of you might get and offer more of the care that feels caring to yourself and each other. As you experience more personal and relational healing, you will also be learning to work with conflict differently. Throughout this process, you will blaze trails out of blame and into greater connection and intimacy within your relationship and within yourself.

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